World War 2: The Final Crisis for European Global Dominance Timeline

The Phony War to Operation Barabossa

(Jake Hodges, Hannah Wichmann)
1931 Japanese invade Chinese Manchuria, some consider start of WWII
1935 Italians invade Ethiopia, another start date of WWII
1939 Hitler invades Poland, another start date of WWII
September 1, 1939 Hitler invades Poland
September 1940 Duce struck from Libya, Italy’s North African colony, in Egypt against the British (Alexander Hoare)
October 1940Duce invades Greece (Alexander Hoare)
Spring 1941 German troops overrun North Africa and aided the Italians (Alexander Hoare)
Spring 1941 Germany takes over Greece and Yugoslavia(Alexander Hoare)
December 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor, American start date in WWII
1942 Allies begin to win because of formation of the Grand Alliance
1945 Soviet Union joins Japan's enemies after defeating Hitler
post 1945 Third World begins to develop as colonies are granted their freedom

Turning Points, 1942

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