Rise of Hitler

Hitler after WW1—

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*1918: Devastated by the outcome of the WW1
* blamed Marxists, jews, intellectuals
* drew crowds with his wild, passionate speeches

*1921: Became leader of German Workers Party
*Worked with Church only to further his power esp. in regards to Hitler Youth Movement

*1923: The Beerhall Putsch-the first show of Nazi Power and Force in an attempted coup against the Weimar Republic
* March on Munich fails, sent to jail where he writes Mein Kampf
* Makes Germanic plan to fix the universal problems
* Expressed German racial superiority, hatred of Jews, the need for "Lebenstramme" or living space, and a the
desire for a new war to right the wrongs committed against Germany by the imperialist nations

*1925: Hitler reorganizes Nazi Party
* Hitlers policy statments includes:
* The Nationalization of business in cartels
* The outlawing of profiteering from the war effort
* The outlawing of income that is not earned
* The declaration of a need for a land policy
* The central value of Work to the German people

*1928: Depression in Germany with 41% unemployment, 300% inflation and starvation
* Hitler blamed the curropt government officials for problems, also blamed Jews, marxists,
* Membership in Nazi party (aka german workers party) ballooned and support for hitler increased

*1930: The Weimer Republic falls in March
* Hindenburg dissolves Legislature: appoints new Government and Priminister
* Heinrich Br¨uning elected Chancellor [Priminister]
* Government operated by 'emergency decree'
* September Elections: Nazis score victory: Seats increase from 12-107

*1931: Hitler runs for Presidency with newly acquired Seats in Reichstag (parliament?)

*1933: Hitler becomes Chancellor (after pressuring Hindenburg)
* Hitler consolidates his power as chancellor and President
* Passed Enabling Act that allowed him to be dicator for 5 years
* suspended bill of rights
* abolished freedom of speech, increased censorship
* Hitler has communists arrested allowing more control for the National Socialist and himself.
* Hitler begins building plans: the Autobahn is begun.
* Beginning of racial polices which later become law
* Nazis infiltrate and control Labor Unions: Nazi loyalists receive leadership roles
* First mass demonstrations (rallies) of "Fuhrer Worship"
* Marriage Loans instigated: repayment by reproduction of Aryan children
* Compulsive sterilization of Mental "Defectives"
* Laws established excluding Jews from Civil Service, Academics, Arts and other areas
* Rearmament of Germany begun.
* March 22: Dachau established
* The first 4 major Concentration Camps are established : Dachau, Sachsenhausen, Buchenwald andFlossenberg along with lesser camps. Over the next 10 years, there were over 1000 camps.

Very helpful website gives you timeline of important days tracing Hitler's rise to power from 1918 -1933

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