Peacekeeping Multiple Choice Answer Key

I.The Aims and Goals of the Participants and Peacemakers (p.16-25)

Which of the following affected the negotiations at Versailles? (Matthew)
C. Public opinion and mass media—because idealism played such a large role in the negotiations, especially with U.S. President Wilson, the clear-cut questions that had defined peace negotiations in other wars were limited.

Which one of the following was not an aim of the British after World War 1? (Matthew)
C. Granting self-determination to all of its colonies

IV. Enforcement of the Terms of the Treaties (p.42-51)

Which one of the following did not promote isolationism in the U.S.? (Matthew)
D. Desire to make “the world safe for democracy”

Which of the following were/was not ratified by the U.S. senate? (Matthew)
C. Both A and B (were not ratified)

The Washington Conference in 1921 was considered successful for which of the following reasons? (Matthew)
B. The ratio of naval armament for the USA, UK, and Japan remained constant (5:5:3) and weapons were destroyed as a result of the Washington Naval Conference.

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