Johnson And The Great Society

Johnson and the Great Society (Page 895-899)…..Shandra Washington and Alex Livingston

The Great Society aimed to end the war on poverty and racial injustice

-Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965=$1 billion towards new books and library materials for public schools
-Higher Education Act= funded scholarships and loans for college students
-National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities= assisted painters, musicians, actors and artists
-Corporation for Public Broadcasting= funded educational TV and radio broadcasting

-Medicare= provided hospital insurance and cheap medical insurance for ages 65+
-Medicaid= health insurance to recipients of welfare

-Immigration Act of 1965= non-European immigrants could settle in US

-Silent Spring by Rachel Carson exposed danger of pesticides
-Water Quality Act of 1965= required states to clean up rivers
-Wilderness Preservation Act= 9 million acres of reserved for national forest lands
-Clean Air Act Amendment (1965)= emission standards for new motor vehicles
-Air Quality Act of 1967= Air pollution guidelines

Consumer Protection
-Ralph Nader and Unsafe At Any Speed = criticized US automobile industry for ignoring safety concerns
-Truth in Packaging Act= set standards for labeling consumer products
-National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act= set safety standards for the auto and tire industries
-Highway Safety Act= required states to set up highway safety programs
-Department of Transportation

Warren Court
-state-sanctioned prayer banned in public schools
-limited power of communities to censor books and films….supported free speech
-rights of the accused expanded
-reapportionment changed

Impact of the Great Society
-Poverty decreased: from 21% to 11%
-Funding the Great Society contributed to a growing budget deficit
-To attract white Southern voters, Nixon decided on a policy of slowing integration efforts….he later attempted to stop integration of schools through busing

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