Description Of Paper 1

Paper 1

Prescribed Subject 1—The USSR under Stalin, 1924 to 1941

This prescribed subject addresses developments under Stalin’s dictatorship up to the German
invasion of the USSR during the Second World War. It could take into account social,
economic and political developments within the USSR as well as foreign relations. This
prescribed subject could be linked to 20th century world history topics 3 and 6 as well as the
Europe (including Russia/USSR) regional option.
Areas on which source-based questions will focus are:

1. Struggle for leadership

2. Collectivization, agricultural policies

3. Five Year Plans, industrialization, rearmament

4. Nature of the Soviet State, constitution, extent of Stalin’s power, cult of personality

5. Purges, impact on society

6. Foreign relations, USSR and Nazi Germany, Nazi/Soviet Pact.

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