Paper 3

15. For what reasons, and by what means, did either Perón or Vargas obtain power?

Annie Thim
How Vargas Gained Power

1) Introduction- Brazil’s history of oligarchic government
a) Discontent growing among many groups
i) Military
ii) New working class
b) populist Vargas had a lot of support, and new ideas that these groups liked
2) Hostroy- oligarchic government by 2 powerful states- mainly Soa Paulo
a) Soa Paulo- controlled government, strongest government
b) Old republic government
c) Landed interests, little concern for growing economy, and middle class
3) world factors
a) Great Depression- hust Brazil’s economy, lead to discontent as middle class and lower class asked for more government assistance
b) Military growth- wanted to out Sao Paulista government
c) New middle class growth resented upper class, other famres workers in industries
d) Wanted more democracy
e) Been growing since 1920’s
4) Fraud election- Soa Paula repsersentative elected
a) Followed by bloodless coup, ousted president, established Vargas as president
i) Vargas had ran as popualist candidate
ii) Vargas had backing of military and new middle class
5) change sin Brazilian society led to need of change in govnerment
a) growing discontent in new middle class and military
b) Great Depression- led to protests and need of change ineconomy

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