The Cold War

23. Compare and contrast the roles of China and Germany in the Cold War

Ebet Davey

I. Though there were only two main superpowers- The United States and the Soviet Union- during the time of the Cold War, there were other countries that affected what went on between these two countries. While they were both vital in the decision-making processes for both superpowers, China was a threat while Germany appeared to be more of a bargaining chip.

II. China as a threat
a. China was becoming a superpower
b. The U.S. was scared it would befriend the USSR too much and vice versa
c. Both were at the mercy of whatever China wanted

III. Germany as a bargaining chip
a. US= West Berlin
b. USSR= East Berlin
c. As long as Germany was divided, the two places were at a stalemate
d. Germany could be traded in need of a desperate treaty

III. Both as important
a. Both affected course of the Cold War
b. Germany was more important in the beginning
c. China more important near the middle

IV. Conclusion
a. Recap
b. Restate thesis

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