Topic 4: Peace and cooperation

17. Compare and contrast the peace keeping aims and methods of the League of Nations and the United Nations

  • Aims
    • UN peacekeepers are sent to regions where armed conflict has recently ceased (or paused) to enforce the terms of peace agreements and to discourage combatants from resuming hostilities.
    • The League of Nations’ main mission was to achieve disarmament, prevent war, settle disputes through diplomacy, and improve global welfare.
    • The League of Nations’ goals were much broader, causing their mission to be more overwhelming. The UN has a specific plan for peacekeeping, which allows them to understand what is in their realm of control.
      • Ultimate world peace appears to be impossible at this point, so for the League of Nations to have a goal that is as close to world peace as it is only sets them up for failure.
      • The UN has a narrower goal, which is to keep peace where there already is peace. They go into unstable countries that have finally reached peace and they ensure that it remains.
  • Methods
    • League of Nations’ sanctions:
      • Verbal sanctions – if a dispute ever occurred, then the League of Nations would call the two countries in and they would listen to the dispute and offer a solution
      • Economic sanctions – if one country was seen as the aggressor, then the League of Nations could tell them to back down or else. If they did not comply, then they would try to force that country into bankruptcy. They did this by cutting off all trade with that country. The goal of this was to have the people of the aggressor country to turn on their own government and make them comply with the League
      • Physical sanctions – if that failed to work, then the League could send military force into that country. However, the League did not have its own military and did not force its members to provide one. So this did not work very well
    • UN sanctions and peacekeeping:
      • Unlike the League of Nations, the UN does not have three set sanctions. Each PKO (peacekeeping operation) varies based on the conflict itself.
      • Like the League, the UN does not have a military. However, unlike the League, its members do have to supply troops. This causes their military operations to be more successful.
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